Kellyanne Conway, on Trump’s Inauguration Day, dons Gucci coat

Inauguration Day isn’t just a big deal for Donald Trump. It’s also a pretty huge day for Kellyanne Conway, who became the first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign when Trump claimed his victory. To match such an important occasion, Conway decided to step out in her best attire: a statement-making red, white and blue double-breasted coat. 

Though her look caused a Twitter uproar, her rather patriotic jacket was actually designed by Gucci. Filed under “women’s ready-to-wear,” the wool a-line coat costs $3,600. 

“Send in the clowns. Yes, those are cat buttons on her $3,600 coat,” one Twitter user wrote. “Does Kellyanne Conway’s coat have a Twitter account yet?” another asked. 

The best part wasn’t even her matching hat and gloves, though those did take her outfit to a whole new level. It’s what Conway decided to call her look when talking to an NBC affiliate. Conway called her style “Trump Revolutionary Wear” and even gave reporters a quick patriotic salute. 

The coat is available at gucci.com, so you can purchase one for yourself. But hurry, Conway’s plug just might send the coat into high demand.