Letters, Week of Oct. 9, 2013

Pro-Johnson PAC went negative

To The Editor:

Re “Johnson trounces Kurland in race to succeed Quinn” (news, Sept. 12):

I am reading in utter amazement how Yetta Kurland is being pilloried by many of your readers. While Johnson ran a very cunning and aggressive race, he should not be painted as though he did not throw negatives around. He just did it under the moniker Fighting For Our Future, supposedly paid for by a PAC that supported him. I received frequent mailings from this PAC stating that Kurland was a questionable employer, has a history of exploiting low-income workers, replete with a picture showing a 1920s / 30s sweatshop, etc. What I find really curious is that this PAC was established on Aug. 19, just in time to send out a barrage of attack ads, of course, under someone else’s name.
Dawn A. Echevez

Green Space should be Johnson’s priority

To The Editor:
Website comment, Re video interview, as part of “New CB4 Leadership to Follow Johnson’s Exit” (news, Sept. 25):

CB4 and the overall district have one of the lowest rankings when it comes to parks and open space. What has Mr. Johnson done and what does he plan to do as our rep to fix the “green space” void in our community? That should be one of his top priorities.

Affordable Housing should be Johnson’s priority

To The Editor:
Website comment, Re video interview, as part of “New CB4 Leadership to Follow Johnson’s Exit” (news, Sept. 25):

RE: Affordable housing — I would prefer to hear from ALL of our elected officials that they will devote themselves to CREATING rather than merely PRESERVING affordable housing. The middle class has been pushed out of New York for the past 60 years — nothing new — time to change.
Kathleen Treat, Chair
Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association

Metro Baptist Church provides food for thought

To The Editor:
Website comment, Re  “Rooftop Farm Feeds Those Struggling to Stay in Hell’s Kitchen” (news, Sept. 25):

I tell everyone who will listen about the wonderful idea that this church and community started. I planted in two kiddie pools myself this year, in my inner city back yard, and I still have tomatoes, green beans and lettuce in the fridge from them.

It’s not just a lack of access to fresh produce in the inner city. It’s also the lack of knowledge of: 1) How easy it is grow in a small area; 2) That everyone can grow something they can eat and over time you get better at it and 3) Too many people have learned how easy it is to kill living things.

It’s nice to learn, all over again, how easy it is to grow living things. Those bees, birds, squirrels and field mice are a pain sometimes, but they remind you that you did a good job.

Prayers for your continued success!

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