Lopez finance hearing postponed

The Campaign Finance Board was set to continue its hearings on the long-unresolved issues concerning City Councilmember Margarita Lopez’s 2001 campaign finances on Tues. Dec. 13. However, their hearing on the finances of another candidate, Arthur Cheliotes, who ran against Councilmember Tony Avella in College Point and Bayside, Queens, ended up taking up all their time. As a result, Lopez’s hearing was rescheduled to Jan. 12 or 13.

Lopez herself came to the Dec. 13 hearing, as did a few witnesses for her. Amy Velez, a former Community School Board 1 member, was among the Lopez supporters in the hearing room.

C.F.B. has alleged that Lopez, among other violations, made $45,000 in impermissible post-election payments to campaign workers and volunteers.