Manhattan apartment prices see dips throughout September in buildings without doormen

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A recent report saw that having a doorman in a building could noticeably alter the price of an apartment in Manhattan.

MNS recently released its September 2020 Rental Market Report for Manhattan. According to their findings, during the month of September average prices in Manhattan dropped 2.82% overall, decreasing from $3,717 to $3,612.

The report analyzed the difference in prices of buildings with doormen compared to those without them. The average rate for a studio apartment in a building with a doorman was $2,836, down from $2,936 in August 2020, while one without a doorman was $2,229 down from $2,305 in August 2020. 

The price of a one-bedroom apartment in a Manhattan building with a doorman was $3,955, down from $4,075 in August 2020, while one without a doorman was $2,896, down from $2,997 that same month. Two-bedroom apartments with a doorman went for $5,734, down from $5,868 in August 2020, while those without doormen were $3,736, down from $3,842.

Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood saw an 8.1% decrease in price for one-bedroom units in buildings without a doorman, dropping $2,637 to $2,422, while non-doorman two-bedroom units in Midtown West went down 7.8%, dropping from $3,117 to $2,874. However, two-bedroom units without doormen in SoHo are up 2.9%, increasing from $4,816 to $4,956 in September 2020, one-bedroom units in Financial District are up 1.2%, from $3,258 to $3,297 last month. 

Prices for buildings with doormen dropped 7.8% for studios in Greenwich Village, down from $3,279 to $3,022, as well as for one-bedroom units in the East Village, dropping from $4,101 to $3,782 last month. However, doorman studios in Battery Park City are up 2.4% last month,  increasing from $2,905 to $2,974.

Read the full report at mns.com.