Nadler secures $5 million for Hudson River Park

Congressmemember Jerrold Nadler announced last Friday that the Water Resources Development Act, passed last week by the House of Representatives, includes an authorization for $5 million in funding for the Hudson River Park. The legislation paves the way for Congress to appropriate funds for critical work on the park, including restoration of marine habitat, safety improvements and rehabilitation of piers and core infrastructure.

“The Hudson River Park is a key to the renaissance of the West Side,” Nadler said. “This $5 million authorization will allow us to fund a number of key priorities for the park. It’s an important step toward completion of a civic improvement that will have a profound impact on the city.”

In addition, Nadler was able to secure an appropriation of $7 million for Hudson River Park in the federal surface transportation bill (H.R. 3) recently passed by the House. The $7 million will be used to construct pedestrian walkways in one of three sections of the park at the discretion of park planners.