New York candy shop launches line of Halloween-themed packs for the season

Economy Candy – New Store Front(1)
Photos courtesy of Economy Candy

New York’s Economy Candy is gearing up for the Halloween season with specially-curated candy packs for everyone to enjoy.

The shop’s CandyCare Pack line first launched in March 2020 when New Yorkers were sending CandyCare Packs to their friends and neighbors. Economy Candy hopes that the Halloween CandyCare Packs will help continue this inspiring tradition of spreading cheer and joy for kids of all ages.

The Halloween CandyCare Packs start at $35 and includes a Halloween themed Trick or Treat Bag filled with favorite Halloween treats from traditional Pick ‘N’ Mix Halloween candy and full-Size candy bars, plus toys and games to enjoy. For those with dietary restrictions, Economy Candy is offering a Kosher Halloween CandyCare Pack and an Allergy Friendly Halloween CandyCare Pack so no is left out this Halloween season.

For those who are looking to hand out candy this year, Economy Candy is also selling a Trick or Treat Bowl CandyCare Pack and a Variety Party Pack CandyCare Pack. The Trick or Treat Bowl includes 100 handfuls of traditional candy while the Variety Party Pack includes traditional trick or treat candy plus an assortment of Economy Candy fan favorites, like Wax Fangs, Sour Spray, Zotz and Ooze Tubes.

For those who are opting to not trick or treat this year, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Economy Candy is offering pre-made Halloween Goodie Bags, Trick or Treat Pails and Trick or Treat Bags for those who want to promote a safe and fun Halloween experience, or they could be used for Halloween parties.

Visit the Economy Candy website for more information or to order a Halloween CandyCare Pack.