NYC announces winners of Paris business exchange program

Eight New York small businesses will swap locales with their French counterparts as part of a special exchange program with the City of Light.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation announced Thursday the winners of its NYC-Paris Business Exchange competition that allowed start ups to spend six months operating in their opposite nation. EDC President Maria Torres-Springer, said all the entrepreneurs will receive mentoring on how to grow their firms internationally from tech and business experts in both New York and Paris.

“We’re very excited to welcome some of the top French companies to the fastest growing innovation ecosystem in the world. And we’re sure that our homegrown New York companies will show the city of lights what tech in the City That Never Sleeps is all about,” she said in a statement.

Here are the 10 winning NYC startups:

AXS Map: An app that shares business reviews that focuses on specific features like whether there are public bathrooms or allow dogs.

Mogul: A tech platform for women to share information.

Mota Word: Provides translation services in over 70 languages.

RecycledBrooklyn: Creates furniture from recycled material.

Adam Frank Incorporated (AFI): Constructs lighting materials.

Authorea: An online word processor that helps users collaborate on scientific research.

Tucker: A clothing and lifestyle company.

Tyga-Box: A moving company that uses eco-friendly materials.

The French winners are:

Algama: Produces food based on the unique nutritional potential of Microalgae.

Glory4Gamers: A gaming app that lets users interact with each other.

Interactive Mobility: Builds apps for videos at hospitality services.

Leka: Creates toys and apps for children with special needs.

Natural Grass: Invented AirFibr, a hybrid grass technology for sports.

Adotmob: A mathematical algorithm app.

Sequencity: A digital comics bookstore app.

SlimCut Media: A video-based advertising company.

smArtapps: An app-based tourist guide.

Tech’4’Team: Helps for businesses maximize their online presence.