NYC weather to stay mostly cool and clear, except for Monday night thunderstorms

New Yorkers can expect some relief this week from the weekend’s rainy, dismal weather.

Most of the week is set to be mild and mostly clear, the National Weather Service said, with evening and overnight scattered showers here and there.

Monday should be sunny throughout the day and hit a high of 76 degrees. Thunderstorms will roll in around 9 p.m. and could hang around the next day. Tuesday will face a 30 percent chance of rain during the day, but the storms should clear out by Wednesday morning.

Temperatures may fluctuate but they’re expected to remain between 60 degrees and the mid 70s for the duration of the week.

“If you’re looking for hot and humid days, that’s not what we’re having,” said NWS meteorologist Carlie Buccola.

Wednesday is expected to kick off a streak of clear skies. It will be partly sunny with a high of 76 degrees, followed by a sunny Thursday and Friday, with evening lows in the low 60s.