NYC weather: Snow on the first day of Spring

Snow is forecast for March 20, the first day of spring.
Snow is forecast for March 20, the first day of spring.

Is spring just a lie we tell ourselves to get through winter?

The National Weather Service predicts there could be up to 4 inches of snow on Friday, the first day of spring.

The snow will start midday and likely stop in the evening, but not before accumulating a possible 4 to 7 inches. According to National Weather Service meteorologist Tim Morrin, the accumulation on roadways will be likely be less than that.

Obviously when you hear snow, you know it is going to be cold. On the bright side (sob), temperatures will be in the 30s, so it won’t be as bitter cold as it has been. And then on Saturday, it will likely be sunny with temperatures that could reach 46 degrees.

The normal temperatures for this time of year are generally around 50. If the current trends continue, then March will likely go down in the record books as being colder than average, Morrin said. If you remember, February 2015 was the third-coldest February on record.

Let’s try to remember all this when we’re sweating through July, right guys? Nah.

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