NYPD rescued Gwen the cat; ASPCA says she’s ready to be adopted

Gwen the cat was abandoned in an East Harlem apartment, left along with two dogs to fend for themselves. But less than three months later, this 2-year-old kitty is ready for a new home.

Police found Gwen on Dec. 15 when they responded to a call about a gas odor on East 116th Street. There, they found the dark gray kitty with piercing yellow eyes and two dogs, a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua.

The building super said the animals had been abandoned by the tenants who lived there, but were long gone, police said.

The dogs are still working with the ASPCA’s behavioral and medical staff, but Gwen is ready for a new home. Since being rescued, Gwen has become a fixture in the ASPCA’s offices.