Old Farmer’s Almanac: Winter in NYC should be ‘typical, comfortable’

Chillax, weather fretters: This winter in New York City will be “typical, but comfortable,” and warmer than usual through January 2017, predicted Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The average January temp for the Big Apple will be 38 degrees — about three degrees above average. While there will be some “very cold spells mid-month,” and lots of ups and downs, over all? Milder.

The average monthly temps for February through May will range from 1 to 1 1⁄2 degrees below normal.

There’s also good news for Macy’s — It is likely to be chilly during the retailer’s famous Thanksgiving Day Parade (the average temperature that month should hover around 44 degrees) but that week sunniness is forecast to prevail.

Temps will be higher than average November through January, with February dipping to 1 degree below normal and featuring at least one decent-sized dump of snow.

While December averages will be a staggering 6 degrees higher than usual, you might consider travel insurance if you’re planning a Christmas trip home: “Christmas in Manhattan you’ll see periods of rain and snow,” Stillman predicted.

And next summer? “Cool, wet conditions for the summer of 2017” will be the norm for NYC, Stillman predicted.

The almanac, which is the oldest continuously published periodical in North America, bases its predictions on three scientific disciplines: solar science, or the study of activity on the surface of the sun; climatology, or the study of weather conditions over decades and centuries; and meteorology, the study of the atmosphere.

The publication, which is now available digitally, and due to be in stores by the end of the month, celebrates its 225th anniversary next year.