Photo Gallery: Black Lives Matter call for removal of President Trump, VP Pence on 4th of July

There was no off day for the Black Lives Matter movement on July 4 as the group carried out a “Trump/Pence Must Go!” march that meandered from 59th Street Central Park West to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. 

Protesters began congregating at roughly 1 p.m. to begin voicing their displeasure with United States President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and their administration in Washington, D.C. 

Hundreds of protesters brandished signs imploring the removal of President Trump from office along with those that read “Refuse Fascism” and “White Silence is Violence.” The march also featured cardboard cutouts and caricatures of the controversial leader.

Before they could even get started, however, members of the protest found themselves in a standoff with American flag-bearing citizens that looked to counter-protest.

While tensions rose, things were eased by a debate on what Independence Day meant to those on hand.

Once on the move, the group made its way to Trump Tower where the protest was contained behind metal barriers across the street, heavily guarded by members of the NYPD. 

Per amNewYork Metro’s Dean Moses, who was on hand: 

“The group concentrated their anger at Trump Tower, yelling and gesturing at what many see as a symbol of hate. Hoisting up cardboard Trump effigies onto the barricades, volunteers used ropes to tear down the ‘Greatest confederate statue’ in the shadow of his property. The demonstration concluded with Trump’s likeness dragged through the city streets, all the way back to Central Park.”

Photo: Dean Moses/AMNY
Photo: Dean Moses/AMNY
Photo: Dean Moses/AMNY
Photo: Dean Moses/AMNY)
Protesters confront an American flag-waving counter-protester. (Dean Moses/AMNY)
Photo: Dean Moses/AMNY
Protesters set up a cutout of President Donald Trump to symbolically tear down in front of Trump Tower. (Dean Moses/AMNY)
A protester tears down a cardboard caricature of President Donald Trump. (Dean Moses/AMNY)
Protesters rally outside Trump Tower under the watchful eye of the NYPD. (Dean Moses/NYPD)
A protester drags a cardboard cutout of President Donald Trump. (Dean Moses/AMNY)

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