Pizza Yard on Governors Island: A little slice of heaven

Massimiliano Nanni at Pizza Yard on Governors Island. (Photos by Alex Mitchell)

The public reopening of Governors Island has once again given New Yorkers the opportunity to spend summer weekends walking around the 172-acre landmass with spectacular views of the Lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

This time around, there’s also a chance for one to explore their own taste buds at the island’s newest culinary institution, Pizza Yard.

That “yard” is more of a cozy shed that houses a high powered brick oven used by famed Brooklyn-based chef Massimiliano Nanni and his to do what they do best.

Nanni and his crew at Pizza Yard. (Photo by Alex Mitchell)

Right now the menu is being kept on the simple side at Pizza Yard as Nanni offers a trio of styles: Margherita, veggie toppled, and a sweet soppressata style meat pie.

This reporter suggests going with that veggie pie upon arrival and the soppressata when departing the island as the zucchini, mushrooms, and fresh peppers. It’ll give you the energy needed to complete your day of adventure while the dry salami will be the perfect, savory cap after wandering the island.

A veggie style pie from Pizza Yard.

As for the classic Margherita, that’s good for just about any time or place.

While dining in the spacious outdoors near Pizza Yard, ask Nanni about some of his prior restaurant experience in Williamsburg. You’ll get into a friendly, humorous conversation about how he and his mother have been going head to head in the culinary world for some time.

Also inquire as to how Nanni was able to get his brick oven from its manufacturer in Baltimore all the way to Governors Island and the literal bumpy ride up I-95 that was.

The staff is friendly, unapologetically unique, and work up an A+ pizza on the island, so certainly consider Pizza Yard as a pit stop on your next adventure.

A margherita pie from Pizza Yard.