Police cuff pair of graffiti vandals in Queens

Cops arrest two graffiti vandals at the 75th Avenue Station on June 23.

Police cuffed two alleged graffiti vandals during the early hours of Wednesday morning for tagging multiple train cars in Queens.

According to police sources, NYPD received a 911 call at approximately 2 a.m. on June 22 reporting that several out-of-use trains stored in the area were smeared with illegal art at the 75th Avenue Subway Station along the “E” and “F” line in Forest Hills.

Officers apprehended 39-year-old Hugo Guerreiro and 32-year-old Alexis Gines at the scene. 

The pair attempted to ditch two duffel bags under nearby vehicles but were soon recovered by officers. The bags were found to contain some 15 spray paint cans matching the colors unceremoniously decorating the trains. Police also confiscated a scanner from Gines that was used to eavesdrop on law enforcement communication, most likely harnessed to avoid detection.

The NYPD’s Citywide Vandals Task Force investigation found the pair on surveillance video leaving the station with the duffle bags. The Banksy wannabes under arrest are facing criminal mischief, making graffiti, reckless endangerment, along with a slew of other charges. Although the pair reside in Brooklyn, Guerreiro hails from Portugal and recently returned from his native country on June 20. 

Guerreiro has a history with graffiti. In 2018, Guerreiro was discovered in the confines of the 6th Precinct using a gulf roller to post 2-by 3-foot posters. He was also found to be carrying graffiti instruments. 

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