Protestors in Times Sq. tell Mubarak to get out now


Times Square was busting at the seams on Friday, as hundreds of Egyptian-American protesters gathered to support those in Egypt who are calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down immediately.

Braving rain and chilly temperatures, Egyptians and Americans alike descended on 42nd Street, carrying Egyptian flags and signs that read “Down with Mubarak “ and “Mubarak must go.”

Prior to the protest, Mubarak had announced that he would not be running for re-election. However, many of his decriers want assurance that Mubarak’s allies in the government won’t step in after he leaves.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration is also in talks with the Egyptian government and the military to come up with a plan, in which a transitional government would peacefully replace Mubarak immediately.

The protest comes as the uprising in Egypt intensifies, as Friday marked the “day of leaving,” in which over a 100,000 Egyptians gathered in Cairo to send a forceful message to Mubarak.

The demonstration in Times Square also continued to the United Nations building on East 44th Street, as protesters argued for “real democracy” in the conflict-ridden country.

Speakers from organizations, such as the Alliance of Egyptian-Americans were present, representing the large community of Egyptians in the tri-state area.

— Jhaneel Lockhart