Q&A with Kara Lindsay: Studio manager at Bucketfeet


We chatted with Kara Lindsay at BucketFeet, a boutique shop at 266 Elizabeth St. that sells unique shoes from designers around the globe. BucketFeet first opened in New York with a pop-up on Wooster Street in neighboring SoHo in December of 2014. They settled into a more permanent home in NoLita in March.


What do you like about working in NoLitat

I love the uniqueness of the neighborhood; basically you come to NoLita and there’s great restaurants and great eclectic, independent shops — a lot of boutiques, and brands that you may not hear of when you stop into a mall, or when you step onto Broadway over in SoHo.


How would you describe the localsa

For the most part they are a younger, hip-type of person living in the Lower East Side area of Manhattan. Everyone is super nice. We do have some customers that have been in this neighborhood for 20 or 30 years.


What is the average clientele likel

It really is so diverse; it’s a mixture of locals that live in the apartments above us and around the streets, and then your typical tourist family from all different countries.


Have you had any memorable clients since opening in MarchM

We have, we actually had a group of women come through on a weekday; they were all from Malibu, California and they expressed how much they loved the brand and then the next day they came back and said Oh we brought some more friends today, and one of their friends happened to be Julia Roberts. So Julia Roberts was in and picked up a pair of kids shoes, most likely for her children.


Is it very different here than SoHoa

It definitely [is]. When we were in SoHo it was a little bit more of a browsing-type of person just kind of killing time in the neighborhood. We were also located next to furniture stores, so we didn’t  share quite the same clientele. Being here on Elizabeth Street we have more clothing, accessory, and fashion then where we were on Wooster Street in SoHo.