Queen’s a believer in graffiti wall

From May 26 (3)

BY GABE HERMAN | The latest artwork is now up at the Houston Bowery Wall Mural, and is a colorful piece called “Believe.” Its creator is local artist Queen Andrea, real name Andrea von Bujdoss.

The artist could be seen working on the mural since late May at the big Houston St. and Bowery intersection. It was finished on June 4 and is scheduled to stay up through September.

The work features the word “Believe” in big letters across the center, and in the lower right also says, “Love more.” The words and background are in bright colors of mainly yellows, blues and reds, and there are geometric shapes throughout the design.

Queen Andrea working on the mural on May 26. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

Queen Andrea is a fine artist, muralist, graffiti artist, typographer and graphic designer.

This work is presented by Citi, in partnership with Goldman Global Arts. Queens Andrea’s design will also be featured on 300 Citi Bikes and 25 Citi Bike kiosks from June to October.

“I am so honored to be rocking the Bowery Mural wall!!” she wrote on Instagram on May 30, after work on the mural had begun. “My ‘BELIEVE’ mural is taking shape and it’s amazing to do this in the neighborhood that I grew up in. I love you NYC!!”

The nearly completed mural on June 2. (Photo by Gabe Herman)

“We are thrilled to help bring Queen Andrea’s inspiring work to the streets of New York,” said Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer Banking C.M.O. at Citi. “As a brand committed to advancing gender equity and welcoming what’s next, we are extremely proud to highlight such a talented female artist who is breaking new ground and showing that anything is possible.”

The artist posted again to Instagram on June 5 after the work was finished, writing of a photo of her in midair in front of the mural: “Jumping for joy the other night after we completed some very complicated geometry sections of my Bowery mural. The entire process was so intense, amazing and challenging, and I’m so grateful for every moment of it.”