Queens woman faces attempted murder charges for throwing baby out a window

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A Richmond Hill woman has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly threw her newborn son out of her bathroom window shortly after giving birth to him, Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced on Tuesday.

In addition to attempted murder, Sabita Dookram, 23, was charged with assault, reckless assault of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child on Oct. 13, Katz said. Dookram faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, around 10 a.m., one of Dookram’s neighbors heard whimpering noises outside, Katz said. They went outside to see where the noise was coming from and found a naked baby boy lying on the ground, according to the charges.

Police were called to the scene and, upon arriving at the scene, officers found blood on the wall of the building leading up to the first floor bathroom window, the charges said.

Dookram later told police officers that after giving birth she “cut the cord with a scissor from the bathroom.”

“I panicked and threw it out of  the bathroom window. I did not check on the baby, I put my clothes in the laundry hamper in the bathroom, I  showered and went to sleep,” Dookram told the police, according to Katz.

The baby was taken to a nearby hospital and then transferred to Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where he was treated for a traumatic brain injury and an abdominal injury with internal bleeding. 

Dookram is scheduled to appear back in court on Nov. 5.

This story first appeared on our sister publication qns.com.