Ray gets a new lease — and an ‘A’!

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Photos by Shawn Chittle

Ray Alvarez of Ray’s Candy Store proudly displayed his new lease this week. After decades working at his hole-in-the-wall hot dog-and-fries shop on Avenue A, Ray, 80, feared his rent of $4,100 would be doubled in a new lease this month, meaning he wouldn’t be able to afford to stay. But he wound up getting a one-year renewal, with only a minimal increase, $4,282.95. Making things even better, Ray — given name Asghar Ghahraman — also got an “A” on his Sanitary Inspection Grade from the city’s Department of Health. He had always been galled by his previous rating of a “B” and vowed he would achieve an”A.” And now, he’s got it!

Said Ray as he held up the lease, “I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I got a new lease and the ‘A’ on the same day. It was exciting. Good news, good things happening in my life.” Ray celebrated by buying a new blue polo shirt and getting a haircut.

This all deserves an egg cream — with a side of beingets, and — hey, why not? — some fried Oreos, too!

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