Scoopy’s Notebook


Talking point has people talking:

Causing some buzz among the many discussion points at New York University’s presentation on Monday of its application to add a 400-foot tower in the landmarked Silver Towers site was N.Y.U. spokesperson John Beckman’s recent talking point in this newspaper (“There is a lot at stake: Why N.Y.U. must build here,” Oct. 28). Glen Milstein, a resident of 88 Bleecker St., at Mercer St., just east of N.Y.U.’s two South Village superblocks — where the university plans to develop more than 1.5 million square feet of new space — told the Community Board 2 meeting that N.Y.U. is “an organization that pays people to talk,” and that the talking point by Beckman unfairly compared the community opposition to St. Vincent’s Hospital’s rebuilding plans to that against N.Y.U.’s growth plans. “He equated our opposition here to the forces that led to the bankruptcy of St. Vincent’s,” Milstein said, adding, “My daughter’s life was saved by St. Vincent’s. You can’t equate our opposition to the [N.Y.U.] real estate towers to the myriad forces that led to the demise of our hospital.” Asked afterward for his reaction to Milstein’s critique of his column, Beckman said, “I think the piece speaks for itself,” adding, “Vigorous dialogue is a good thing for the community, and if I could contribute to that, it’s a good thing.” Beckman’s talking point has certainly been fostering vigorous dialogue on our Web site, where more than 30 readers have posted comments. Asked if he plans to pen another piece for us soon — and keep invigorating the debate — Beckman said he’s got some more ideas and might do so at the appropriate time.  

Gold speakers:

The speakers lineup for Ed Gold’s memorial this Sun., Nov. 14, has been set. Judge Diane Lebedeff will give the welcome. John LoCicero will offer recollections and emcee. Other speakers will include Gold’s cousin Elizabeth Ropers, former City Councilmember Carol Greitzer, Judge Stanley Sklar, Miriam Bockman, Arthur Stoliar, Charles Persell, Ronald Schneider and Community Board 2 Chairperson Jo Hamilton, with Lebedeff giving the closing. A City Council proclamation by Council Speaker Christine Quinn will be presented to representatives of N.Y.U. and Columbia, Gold’s alma mater. All the local elected officials have been invited to attend. The service will start at 1 p.m., with speeches starting at 1:30 p.m., in the Greenberg Lounge at Vanderbilt Hall, N.Y.U. School of Law, at Washington Square South and MacDougal St.

Grim letter:

Remember Grim LeRogue, the guy who ran onto the ball field and tried to confront A-Rod during Game 3 of the Yankees-Rangers Championship Series? He was jealous over the third baseman’s dating actress Cameron Diaz and was found carrying photos of Osama bin Laden, Bobby Brown and one of Whitney Houston, which he had captioned “Whitney Bin Laden.” Well, LeRogue (who changed his name from John Rogan) recently sent us a quintessential, quote-unquote “rambling letter,” in which he detailed just what’s on his mind. He starts by saying his angst is all HOT 97’s fault because it abandoned “intellectual Rap” in favor of “death music” — and, well, it just keeps going downhill from there, as LeRogue blames Jews, blacks and pop culture, in general — but most of all HOT 97 — for his woes. He signed the letter “America’s Greatest Hero, The Uncle of Sam.” So, how do we know it was him? Basically, the way he wrapped up his diatribe: “I probably won’t even do a year in jail for telling the world I’m in al-Qaeda, sent to America to help Osama bin Laden kill Bobby Brown so he can make Whitney Houston his sex slave. That is my mission, btw. Yes, I am a secret Muslim agent sent by Osama bin Laden to kill Bobby Brown and seduce Whitney for Usama [sic]. I am in al-Qaeda; f— do something! Like Ron Kuby won’t get me out of this s—. Pleeze, yall mofo’s don’t want it with the Kube.” We gave “the Kube” a call, and the radical attorney confirmed that LeRogue had, in fact, written him a nice letter about two months ago. “I received a piece of fan mail from him, telling me he liked what I do,” Kuby said, noting, “I get a lot of fan letters — and a lot of ‘F— you, rot in hell’ letters.” Kuby sent him back a thank-you note, and then, despite being a huge Yankees fan, somehow missed either seeing or reading about the on-field incident. Kuby said he isn’t currently representing LeRogue, who, to his knowledge, was still undergoing psychiatric evaluation. “It does seem like Mr. LeRogue is currently more in need of mental health professionals than legal help professionals — but frequently they go hand in hand,” Kuby noted.

That’s the ticket:

Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh was psyched when the speedy, new Select Bus Service recently went into effect on Second and First Aves. since it would shorten his commuting time from his Tudor City apartment in the East 40’s to his district office at 14th St. and First Ave. But Kavanagh was concerned that the special bus tickets, at first, weren’t being accepted by non-Select Bus Service buses. The assemyblymember exerted some behind-the-scenes pressure on the M.T.A., and now normal buses are supposed to accept the special tickets, too.

CARR’s appeal to Carl:

Although the election’s over, we just wanted to note that Jack Brown of CARR (Coalition Against Rogue Riding) did reach out to Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino last month, asking him, if elected, if he would — “in the absence of responsible mayoral management of the situation” — send State Troopers to crack down on scofflaw New York City cyclists. Hmm…we’d add that, if they’re at it, the troopers should also ticket all the cars (sometimes police cars) and trucks dangerously clogging up the bike lanes.

Taking it to the next level:

Noah Isaacs, Community Board 2 liaison from Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s Office, got engaged to Elizabeth Langston on the High Line last week, specifically, toward the park’s Gansevoort St. end. The colors up on the elevated park right now are beautiful, we hear. The couple plan on tying the knot next year in the Berkshires.