Spell to bind Trump: Witches hope to keep president from doing harm

🎶I put a spell on you because you’re mine. You better stop the things that you do. I ain’t lyin’, no, I ain’t lyin’. 🎶

Witches, as well as other magically inclined folks and regular people (muggles?) with a distaste for President Donald Trump, are turning to alternative powers for help in reigning in the president’s administration. 

People from all over the world joined together to cast a binding spell on the president and his cohorts Friday at midnight, with the hope of keeping them from doing harm to others.

The planning of such a large-scale ritual began several weeks ago, according to magician Michael M. Hughes, who was included in the original working document for the spell.

“They asked me to send my comments on it and I realized immediately this had a broader appeal,” Hughes said. 

The ritual, its components and preparation instructions were then widely circulated among spiritual groups, many of which have made their own variations to the original. Some of the components include an unflattering photo of Trump, a Tower tarot card and a tiny stub of an orange candle.

The binding spell is meant to keep Trump and his administration from hurting people and many hope it will eventually lead to his ouster. The ritual will be performed at midnight on every waning crescent moon until Trump is removed from office, Hughes explained.

But unlike the rituals you may be conjuring up from movies like “The Craft” and “Practical Magic,” Hughes said the spell won’t hurt the president.

“It’s not wishing harm. It’s not projecting any kind of harm,” he said. “It’s essentially trying to restrain them.”

Anyone is welcome to join the ritual, Hughes added, even if you’ve never performed one before. Even singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray got in on the action Friday night, according to the singer’s Twitter account.

“This was created as sort of a template that people can use,” Hughes explained. “Witches and people who are saying magic is dangerous; I don’t think magic is dangerous. Normal people have been doing magic since the beginning of time.”

But the spell may have seen some interference from Christian groups — including the National Christian Alliance — which countered the ritual with a resistance prayer.

Hughes, however, welcomes the naysayers. 

“I welcome doubt. I’m a very skeptical person by nature, but having worked with magic . . . I’ve seen results,” he said. “I’m just thrilled to know that for a lot of people this will be their first taste of trying something like this.”

A lot of people are feeling beaten down by the current administration, Hughes said, and this is a unique way for many “to take their power back — even in a symbolic way.

“But I’d like to see something symbolic like he gets locked in Air Force One,” Hughes added.

In fact, after seeing so many people come together, he believes the powers of the spell are already working.