New York City Wine and Food Festival partners with CLEAR Health Pass to streamline proof of vaccination check

Glass of wine on a table in sunlight.
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The New York City Wine & Food Festival has returned after a two year hiatus. People ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend. But the festival partnered with CLEAR to streamline the proof of vaccination process, making sure attendees can enter events quickly and enjoy all the festival has to offer. 

Attendees can download the free CLEAR app and Health Pass and upload their vaccination card to expedite the entry process. CLEAR’s Health Pass technology for COVID-19 vaccine verification is a New York City-approved form of proof of vaccination.  

The CLEAR Health Pass is a location specific screening solution that links a user’s verified identity to multiple layers of COVID-19-related health information including  proof of vaccination or test results.  

CLEAR Health Pass helps people easily show proof of vaccination. Photo: CLEAR

At Festival outdoor events only, persons who are unable to get vaccinated because of a medical reason, must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours of the event.

The New York City Wine and Food Festival is leveraging Health Pass so attendees can show proof of vaccination or lab tests showing negative results within 72 hours before entry, said Ken Lisaius, Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications at CLEAR, in an email. 

“CLEAR is helping venues and events such as the New York City Wine & Food Festival come back better by making it easy for attendees to show their proof of vaccination,” Lisaius said.

CLEAR Health Pass allows people to confirm their vaccination or negative test results without the need to share detailed health information. 

“CLEAR can verify vaccinations received from hundreds of vaccine providers and pharmacies in CLEAR’s national healthcare network, including New Jersey’s Atlantic Health System, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart,” Lisaius said.

And through CLEAR’s SMART Health Card QR Code, vaccinations can be verified for any person who was vaccinated in the State of New York.

 People can continue to use the CLEAR mobile app after the festival to enter restaurants, bars, gyms and other places that require proof of vaccination.

Health Pass is venue specific, but it links to a digital vaccine card that can be used throughout the city. If festival attendees make a Health Pass for proof of vaccination, they will automatically have a digital vaccine card created and available in the app.

“CLEAR is helping businesses – from large to small – stay open,” Lisaius said. “By utilizing CLEAR Health Pass, our partners are able to safely bring back individuals to restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, sports venues and live events by confirming they meet COVID-related requirements for entry.”  

CLEAR’s partnership with the New York City Wine & Food Festival builds on CLEAR’s “Come Back Better” initiative to help businesses and organizations of all sizes safely reopen and stay open,” Lisaius said.

“CLEAR is also partnered with Resy and OpenTable CLEAR’s digital vaccine solutions are helping the city’s restaurant industry come back better,” Lisaius said.

The festival includes over 65 events across the city. The festivities began on Oct. 14 and will run through Oct. 17. 

“Now more than ever, it’s important that people can safely and seamlessly get back to doing the things they love,”  Lisaius said. “More than 130 organizations across the country have used CLEAR’s digital vaccine solutions to create safer environments, including the New York Stock Exchange, New York Fashion Week, New York Comic Con, Lincoln Center, Public Theatre, and many more.”