West Village’s American Bar has ‘at home’ atmosphere with extensive offerings

The burger at American Bar. (Melissa Hom)

While it might be the new restaurant on West Village block of Greenwich Avenue between West 10th and Charles Streets, American Bar is certainly serving up a familiar feel to its diners. 

Opening its doors the week of Feb. 9, this restaurant’s style is the brainchild of Kyle Hotchkiss Carone while its cuisine comes from both the mind and hands of head chef Carolina Santos-Neves.

It is a cross of those two styles that give American bar it’s “playful nostalgia” described by Hotchkiss Carone, who chose the name American Bar upon the fact that a great deal of foreign, major cities all have an “American Bar,” yet New York had not.  

This American Bar features many nods to its international doppelgängers both in menu and design, Hotchkiss Carone says.

The interior of American Bar.
(Don Freeman)

Meanwhile, that evolving menu also puts emphasis on continental classics with a modern twist and plenty of variety done by Santos-Neves.

Whether coming in for an appetizer in the cocktail booth area or sitting down for a few courses, there’s an array of options. 

Her selection spans from sides crispy onion strings (a favorite of Hotchkiss Carone) and snacks like pigs in a blanket to starters like tuna tartare along side larger scale entrees such as braised short ribs and blackened king salmon.

Tuna tartare with chips at American Bar.
(Melissa Hom)

It’s that various feel set throughout different portions of the restaurant that give American Bar a homey and warm atmosphere “like a dinner party,” according to Hotchkiss Carone.

On the warm front, there is one side dish which is a little extra enticing and certainly an American classic — a mac and cheese featuring Havarti.

That rigatoni features a gently crisped exterior with a zesty, cheesy goodness beneath that is an opportune way to begin a deep meal.

Another unique entree is the engagement chicken, served for one.

That dish is a bird garnished garlic, lemon, thyme, rosemary & seasonal vegetables with drippings, which rumor has it guarantees the question being popped after consumption, Hotchkiss Carone told on Valentine’s Day. 

He’s also made it a mission to “bring back the Cosmo in 2020.” His version includes pomegranate seeds which provide a tart accent to the drink.

Shifting to something on the sweeter side, the Tower Bar Sundae by Santos-Neves is an ice dream lovers delight. 

It’s a nod to one of Hotchkiss Carone’s friend’s in Los Angeles who operates Tower Bar and the decadent dessert even uses special order cards.

American Bar was given permission to use the exact cards from Tower Bar and decided to keep its logo on the new printouts. 

A Tower Bar Sundae order card.
(Alex Mitchell)

Although there’s plenty of options to pick from, Santos-Neves kindly suggests keeping it to only three for both flavor and efficiency. 

All in all, there aren’t many occasions occasions that American Bar doesn’t accommodate and its certainly on the way to becoming a namesake in the Village. 

American Bar, 33 Greenwich Ave., West Village, 212-370-4600. Open Sundays through Thursdays, 5 p.m. – midnight, and Fridays and Saturdays, 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. Reservations accepted through resy.com.

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