There’s a massive Oreo slide in Herald Square until 4 p.m. today

The Oreo slide in Herald Square. (Alex Mitchell)

Milk’s favorite slide is in Midtown today only.

Today is your opportunity to settle differences over which stuffed cream proportion is optimal for Oreo cookies — and it’s one of the most fun ways to possibly do it.

Just next to the Macy’s Herald Square entrance on Broadway is where you’ll find this towering, blue and white slide with five separately designated lanes per Oreo stuffing style. 

Starting from left to right, there is: thins, original, ‘double stuf,’ ‘mega stuf,’ and finally the gargantuan ‘most stuf’ tracks to slide on down from.

Each sliders’ vote tally is cast by their chosen lane and immediately shown in a live poll.

Vote tallies kept at the Oreo slide in Midtown.
(Alex Mitchell)

As for sloping the slide itself, this isn’t some rink-a-dink playground operation…you really fly down that thing.

You’re also welcome to re-slide as many times as your heart desire today as long as you patiently wait on line again.

The Oreo slide’s line as it opened at 8:00 a.m.
(Alex Mitchell)

You won’t be leaving Herald Square empty handed either; each participant gets some free sample cookies (one of which is brand new) along with a festive “I voted!” button, which highlights why democracy is so sweet. 

Oh, there’s also an opportunity to win $100,000 by voting for your favorite Oreo style online.

A side view of the Oreo slide showing the $100,000 sweepstakes.
(Alex Mitchell)

The Oreo slide is open until 4 p.m. today and is free of charge for all cookie lovers that venture to Herald Square. 

This special attraction will also be inflated in Atlanta and later Los Angeles in upcoming weeks as well.

A rear view of the Oreo slide.
(Alex Mitchell)