Thoughts and wishes for friends at the new year

By Ed Gold

It’s that time of year again, so here are fantasy awards, accolades, happenings and other pleasures for many of those who left their mark on 2003.

Many of the goodies should be taken with a dose of salt. Some may include a trace of irony and a twinkle in keeping with the season.

Happy New Year!

Cathy Abate: A note from Bob Morgenthau: “You’re my gal.”

George Arzt: A call from Rudy that he won’t run for governor.

Ann Arlen: Joins E.P.A. in a new administration.

Keen Berger: Takes Arthur Schwartz and Ray Cline to lunch.

Andrew Berman: A landmark district along the Hudson.

Katy Bordonaro: Jane Jacobs calls: “Hang in there!”

Frieda Bradlow: Extra vitamins for the presidential campaign.

Lynne Brown: An invitation in November to join a new administration in the West Wing.

Susan Brownmiller: Named journalism professor at N.Y.U.

Stella Cafiero: Marlon Brando calls her and she walks slowly down the stairs.

Lucy Cecere: Special proclamation indicates her house is in Greenwich Village.

Hillary Clinton: Orders extra-large datebook for ’08.

Bob Cohen: At his 22nd retirement party, gets a big hug from John Sexton.

Keith Crandell: Curb cuts on every corner and accessibility to every institution in Lower Manhattan.

Frances Dapolito: Strong hugs and warm thoughts from her many friends.

Marie Derr: A few gorgeous pearls for her Passannante necklace.

Doris Diether: Appointment to the City Planning Commission.

Marilyn Dorato: Takes Aubrey Lees to lunch.

Tom Duane: Democratic majority in the State Senate.

Carol Feinman: The complete “West Wing” video collection.

Virginia Fields: New designer outfits to round out a class A fashion wardrobe.

Connie Fishman: The LaGuardia Medal for “patience and fortitude.”

Kevin Fitzgerald: Stays at the Sixth Precinct with a handsome promotion.

Kathryn Freed: A gavel she doesn’t have to use too often.

Alan Gerson: An alarm clock that rings when he’s late for a meeting.

Deborah Glick: Unity breakfast with Tom, Chris and Arthur.

David Gruber: The Hugh Hefner Award for throwing great parties.

Michael Haberman: Free tuition for his son at N.Y.U. in the class of ’24.

Jo Hamilton: The Cobblestone Trophy for her work in Gansevoort.

Anne Hearn: A cattle prod for any pols who try to intimidate her.

Brad Hoylman: A map highlighting all of Lower Manhattan’s traffic problems.

Bob Kerrey: Authors a book: “We Try Harder.”

Charles King: A note from Rudy apologizing.

Honi Klein: The famous Heel & Sole Plaque from the Shoe Retailers of America.

Ed Koch: Note from the Oval Office: “You’re my guy!”

Ben Korman: An investor who can put $30 million on the table.

Marvin Korman: The Bagel Award for his book on the Bronx bakery.

Lisa La Frieda: Opens two delis in the Village: one kosher, one non-kosher.

Diane Lebedeff: Receives the Louis Brandeis Medal for protecting community interests.

Don Lee: Gets a helicopter to take him to meetings.

Aubrey Lees: Gets a windup doll that calls the question every 10 minutes.

John LoCicero: A scroll making him an honorary Lubavitcher.

Margarita Lopez: Examines floor plans of the borough president’s office.

Barry Mallin: Named chairperson of the State Liquor Authority.

Chad Marlow: Bestowed with Charlie Rangel Award for setting the record in political e-mails.

Dirk McCall: A bonus check from Jim Capalino for services rendered.

Howard Moody: Rush Limbaugh asks for spiritual guidance.

Jerry Nadler: A new wardrobe to match a new figure.

Judy Paul: Full house at North Square.

Charles Persell: A check from Bloomberg for a new nursing home.

Chris Quinn: A second cell phone so she can handle two calls at once.

David Reck: A contract to be the Marlboro Man in magazine ads.

Rocio Sanz: Finds a way to balance the Community Board 2 budget.

Chuck Schumer: A special screen that shows where Hillary is at all times.

Arthur Schwartz: A union card for his new baby.

Shirley Secunda: Continual exotic trips, but skip Saudi Arabia.

John Sexton: The Larry Goldberg Award for community cooperation.

Mike Singer: Enjoys watching “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

Melissa Sklarz: Elected chairperson of the Sixth Precinct Council.

Jerry Skurnik: Many closely contested political races.

Cynthia Smith: Another trip to the Democratic National Convention.

Jim Smith: The Charle Cafiero Medal for good fellowship.

Arthur Stoliar: Sells a crossword puzzle to the Sunday Times.

Arty Strickler: Trades his computer for a brilliant, choice ancient Judean coin.

Brad Sussman: The Gracie Allen Award for congeniality.

Sean Sweeney: Moves Landmarks meetings to Lincoln Center.

Marty Tessler: Gives commencement address at Cooper Union.

Lillian Tozzi: Signs peace treaty with Little Italy Merchants Association.

Stuart Waldman: Pens best-selling children’s book about Hudson River Park.

Jeanne Kazel Wilcke: Lower round-trip fares to Switzerland.

Betty Williams: Completes the sweater she knitted for Jim Smith.

Carol Yankay: George Soros sends a contribution to Liberty High School.