Transit Sam

By Sam Schwartz

Dear Transit Sam,

In response to your letter on the number of cabbies that tend to frequent the East Village (Transit Sam, Dec. 4 – 10), I think I have another answer or an addition at the very least to your previous answer. I always thought the extra cabs were related to the mosque on First Ave. and 11th St.  There was an article a couple of years ago related to morning prayers. I believe there are afternoon prayers also, especially during holiday periods.

Ted, Lower East Side

Dear Ted,

My readers are so smart! Thanks for the additional clarification. I still believe the delicious cuisine plays an intricate part in drawing many cabs to the area. I should know! I used to be a cabbie way back when. Once in a while, I’d stop for a quick bite at one of the many eateries in the area before heading back out to pick up some more fares.

Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,

I recently received a parking ticket in Lower Manhattan for being too close to a hydrant. I admit I was parked less than 15 feet, but I literally ran in and out to pick up a check. I was in the office building for less than five minutes. On top of that, I was also parked at a regular meter, which I properly activated. I haven’t answered the ticket yet, because I wanted to seek your advice. Can I beat this ticket or should I just plead guilty?

Alice, Lower Manhattan

Dear Alice,

Christmas has come early, because the agent goofed on the ticket! Parking is only permitted less than 15 feet from a hydrant if “indicated by signs or parking meters” according to NYC Traffic Rule Section 4-08(e) (2). Here’s what you’ll need to do: Plead not guilty, submit this Transit Sam column, and include a series of four to five photos establishing your location. These five photos should include:

A. A generic shot of the block where you were parked.

B. A close-up of the street signs where you were parked.

C. A photo of the hydrant and where you were parked.

D. A close up of the hydrant and meter.

E. A photo of the regulation on that block.

Best of luck fighting the ticket!

Transit Sam

Sam Schwartz, a former first deputy commissioner of city transportation, is president and C.E.O. of Sam Schwartz Engineering, a traffic engineering consulting firm to private and public entities including the Port Authority at the World Trade Center site. Email your questions to TransitSam@DowntownExpress.com.