Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,

I’m hoping you will be able to help me with something. I am trying desperately to get an inbound Staten Island/Manhattan MTA express bus stop (northbound) reinstated for the x10 express bus. The stop was suspended a while ago back in 2008 due to construction on West Street. The stop is located on West Street in lower Manhattan at the corner of Murray Street. It’s been there for at least five years. I’ve been using that stop for the x7, x9 and x10 express buses.

Approximately six months ago, the stop was reinstated for the x7 and x9, but not the x10. I reached out to NYC Transit back in September and I have received no answer so far to date. Most of the x10 bus drivers do in fact stop at that location, but some of the new guys won’t stop for fear of getting in trouble.

Is it possible for you to contact someone at the MTA to get this stop reinstated for the x10? Right now, the sign designates the stop for the x7 and x9 only. It doesn’t make any sense that the x10 can’t stop there. I, along with my fellow travelers, would greatly appreciate your help with this situation.

Rosemarie, World Financial Center

Dear Rosemarie,

Thank you for the suggestion. It seems like a reasonable request. I reached out to NYC Transit, and they say they will study the possibility of making the x10 stops at that location “official.” The one discrepancy I’m still working on is whether or not the x10 ever serviced that location (you say yes, NYC Transit says no). I’ve asked them to double-check that at your insistence. I hope to have the results of the MTA’s findings soon. But for now, if your bus driver bypasses the West Street and Murray Street location, you can take the x10 to Warren Street between West Street and Greenwich Street.

Transit Sam  

Dear readers,

Here’s a Hudson Street water main construction update. It’s still bad news for Holland Tunnel gridlock, but there’s some good news for parkers in Tribeca as the city is providing more parking to increase the number of open curbside spaces during the day. On Washington Street between Vestry and Hubert streets, North Moore Street between Varick and Greenwich streets, and Beach Street between Hudson and Greenwich streets, the regulations will change from “No Parking 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.” to general street cleaning rules. These new changes should be in effect as of this writing.  

Transit Sam

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