Vehicle bursts into flames near Union Square

Firefighters roll up their hose of extinguishing the flames.
Photo by Dean Moses

A car caught fire on Union Square late Sunday evening.  

Just before 6pm on Sunday, Dec. 27, firefighters, and police officers responded to call regarding a car that had burst into flames on East 15 Street and Union Square West. According to eyewitnesses, the blaze appeared to originate from the engine of the silver Ford Hybrid.   

A handful of police officers from the 13th Precinct cordoned off the area from bystanders while FDNY swiftly extinguished the engulfing inferno. Firefighters could be seen examining the charred remains, starting with the engine which was completely melted into the grill. As firefighters rolled up their hose, the vehicle’s hood consisted of nothing more than a series of gaping metallic holes while the engine itself was a gouged tangle of blackened wires and twisted metal.  A bumper also laid strewn on the sidewalk.

Members of the FDNY inspect the burned out car. Photo by Dean Moses

The vehicle was left at the scene for further investigation. The pungent stench of fire lingered in the air as officers continued to gather intel.

According to FDNY sources, no injuries were reported, and the cause is still under investigation.

The remains of the hybrid after the fire. Photo by Dean Moses