Weather NYC: Freezing temperatures expected for start of the week

The biting cold of the last two days will only last through Tuesday, forecasters said, and the rest of the week will bring warmer temperatures. 

The National Weather Service was forecasting a high of 29 degrees at Central Park, said meteorologist Adrienne Leptich. But the wind chill could make it feel at least 10 degrees lower. The temperature at about 11:15 a.m. Tuesday was 9 degrees with a 10-degree wind chill. The city had already hit its low at 8:37 a.m. at Central Park when the temperature was 11 degrees. 

Temperatures will be back in the 40s by Wednesday, Leptich said. They will stay that way through the weekend.

But she said it appears that the city may get some rain on Sunday, when thousands of New Yorkers celebrate “No Pants Subway Day” by riding the rails in their undies. Her advice to participants: “They should wear pants.” 

The immediate cause of the frigid temperatures since Monday is an Arctic airmass moving in from Canada. 

The icy weather was a shock to New Yorkers at the start of the work week. 

The city has been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures for much of the winter so far. The high on Christmas Eve was a record-breaking 72 degrees.