Winter poems


By Mildred Cavallo

Winter Sonnet

Oh go away oh crowded blackened skies —

And send a multicolored spring to spread

A melted warmth upon a world that cries,

A brilliant dream to wake the dauntless dead.

Oh leave my side oh sallow sunken night —

And take with you your scorching biting sounds

That stab my ears with daggers filled with fright

And slide my brain and body through the ground.

I long to grasp a gentleness — by brain

Or voice or touch — it matters not the way,

No dusty dreams or escalating pain,

No wanton words to snatch my soul away.

I yearn to listen to sweet scented tones

but darkened winter whines within my bones.

First Snow

A graceful snowflake

Dances down a midnight sky —

Leafless trees applaud.


I mugged old winter.

Slugged it — stripped it — murdered it

then buried its bones.


Like cattle we charge —

Credit cards are molested,

God gets a migraine.

Mildred “Mimi” Cavallo, now retired, is a resident of Independence Plaza and her poetry has been published in several publications.