Data shows that nearly 60,000 bug complaints were sent to NYCHA in 2019

The Grant Houses were the leaders in roach complaints in 2019. (Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

New data shows that there was a huge number of work orders were sent to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to take care of the creepy-crawly bugs that were infesting their homes.

According to the new information released by the Legal Aid Society, within the first nine months of 2019 NYCHA residents filed over 59,770 work orders to handle cockroach and bedbug infestations. The Legal Aid Society released this information as a response to the Freedom of Information Law.

“The high number of work orders filed by NYCHA residents to remediate insect infestation within their homes is indeed troubling,” said Judith Goldiner, Attorney-In-Charge of the Civil Law Reform Unit. “But it is telling that NYCHA has been able to fully close the majority of these complaints without significant delay.”

According to data, residents at the Grant Houses in Manhattan filed the most work orders. With 981 in total, 877 of those reports were specifically roach complaints. Following close behind with the second and third most reports were the Linden Houses (Brooklyn) and the Edenwald Houses (Bronx), with 862 reports and 860 reports, respectively. The pair also had the second and third highest number of roach complaints, with 823 complaints from the Linden Houses and 814 from the Edenwald Houses.

While the Grant Houses led the way in roach complaints, they had the second highest number of bedbug complaints with 104 in total. The highest number of bedbug complaints came from the Pomonok Houses in Queens with 116 reports.

It was reported that it took the Housing Authority an average of 9.5 days to address.

“This is a clear byproduct of more staff on the ground and resources,” said Goldiner. “With the Legislature now in session, we again call for increased funding for public housing authorities to address these problems and others facing tenants. Public housing is critical to so many New Yorkers and we must ensure that residents live safely and with dignity.” 

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