New study finds that these New York City neighborhoods are the most ‘livable’

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Screenshot via RentHop.com

Finding the right apartment can be a daunting task. What could be even more intimidating is starting with a search to find the right neighborhood for you.

A new study from RentHop.com sought to find out which neighborhoods were the most “livable” based on neighborhood safety, quietness, transportation, greenness and overall quality of life during the first quarter of 2020. They compiled their findings into an interactive map highlighting which neighborhoods are the most livable based on these metrics, giving each neighborhood a score out of 100.

According to their findings, the most livable neighborhood is Manhattan’s Battery Park-Lower Manhattan area. With an overall score of 88, the area received top marks in renter friendliness and quietness. However, the livability comes at a costly price — the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,749 per month.

Following close behind at number two is Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill area with an overall score of 83.7. This neighborhood received a high score for the overall cleanliness, with RentHop stating that those living here might experience fewer poop complaints and rodent sightings in the area. The median price for a one-bedroom apartment in this area is $3,485.

Two Manhattan neighborhoods, the Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill area and the West Village, tied for the third and fourth most livable areas. While they were evenly matched (they each earned a score of 82.8 overall), the Upper East Side proved to be just a bit quieter, with a score of 91.4. Regardless, these neighborhood’s aren’t cheap — rent for a one-bedroom in the Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill area and the West Village can cost you $2,975 per month and $3,895 per month, respectively.

The fifth most livable area in the city, according to the report, is Manhattan’s Lincoln Square. With an overall score of 81.9, the neighborhood had high scores in quietness (94.3), safety (93.1) and cleanliness (92.4). Median rent for a one-bedroom in the area is $3,940, so you’ll be paying a pretty penny to live here.

To read the full report, visit renthop.com. Check out the interactive map below:

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