The unionized construction industry will build back New York

The Building Trades Employers Association, in partnership with Rebuild Renew New York, has published a study that proves the unionized construction industry will achieve New York State’s economic development plan by creating opportunities for MWBE contractors and the middle class. 

The study highlights:

  • The Construction and Real Estate industry is a major contributor to New York City’s economy, comprising 20% of the City’s GDP.
  • Each $1 million in construction spending creates 8 jobs in New York City.
  • Each $1 spent on construction yields a total of $1.31 spent in New York City
  • Each job on a construction site results in a multiplier of 1.32 jobs

The unionized construction industry is a gateway to the middle class. The industry has the ability to create good jobs, while rebuilding the social fabric that makes the city great.

Learn more on how the unionized construction industry will build back New York: https://www.rebuildrenewny.com/

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