Could Jets capitalize on recent Cowboy criticism of Dak Prescott after 2nd straight season of playoff frustrations?

Could Jets take a swing at Dak Prescott?
Dak Prescott (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)
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The New York Jets are looking for a new quarterback. Lucky for them, there will be plenty of big names on the trade block and open market when the 2023 offseason begins in a month. 

Derek Carr, Tom Brady, and Jimmy Garappollo are just a few of the names that could potentially hit the open market with others like Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson as trade bait for the Jets to consider.

There might be one more quarterback that could also sweeten the perennial quarterback pot.

Jokes will be made all offseason about how, for the 27th straight year, the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated before reaching the conference championship. Once a franchise known for consistently winning, the only thing consistent about the team now is that they will find some way to lose when the pressure is highest. 

Much of that falls on their quarterback. Since being a fourth-round steal back in 2016, Dak Prescott has rewritten the Cowboys’ record book and consistently put up solid numbers with a deep cast of talent surrounding him. But much like his team, Prescott has folded when it matters most. In Dallas’ 19-12 Divisional Round loss to San Francisco Sunday night, the Cowboys signal-caller completed 62% of his passes but threw two key interceptions in 49ers territory that cost the team valuable chances to score. 

Blame for another Dallas playoff exit has fallen directly at the hands of their quarterback. 

“I thought this team with Dak at quarterback…I thought we had a chance to get to and compete at the top level in this tournament. I really did.” Jerry Jones said after the game. 

Even Dallas’ own Twitter account threw Prescott under the bus saying “(Dak) Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds.”

The owner of the most profitable football team name-dropping the quarterback isn’t always a great sign for a player that signed a four-year, $160 million deal back in 2021. Nor is it good to see the team’s social media account place blame on one player. It’s hard to blame either account though.

Prescott’s two interceptions kept Dallas off the score sheet, and his mistimed throws led to missed opportunities throughout the loss. 

With an eccentric owner name-dropping Prescott after a disappointing playoff loss, it’s easy to see how a team like the Jets could be waiting in the wings without needing to say anything. Prescott has a potential out in his deal after 2024 and will be owed $31 million in 2023 (8th most amongst quarterbacks). 

The Jets don’t currently have that kind of cap space but in an offseason where restructuring deals are becoming more common, New York could certainly get enough money to make a potential trade for Prescott. 

This isn’t to say that Dallas will be looking to trade their starting quarterback either. But with players like Brady, Carr, and other top quarterbacks potentially on the market, it could lure Jones’ eyes away from the quarterback that has gone a frustrating 2-4 in playoff games throughout his seven-year career.

It’s clear though that public perception around Cowboy fans is changing about their starting quarterback. And it leaves to potential changes coming in the near future. 

Joe Douglas is entering a must-win offseason as general manager of the Jets. Securing a top quarterback will be the main focus in an offseason for New York as important as they’ve experienced in recent years. With the Jets on the lookout to find a veteran quarterback to mentor Wilson, there are plenty of solid starters that will be made available. 

And while the Cowboys aren’t expected to move on from their quarterback, their words are far different than they have been in recent years. 

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