Jets now own largest playoff drought among North American sports

Jets re-sign Connor McGovern
MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Jets.
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Move over Sacramento Kings – there’s a new leader in the clubhouse for playoff futility. 

After the Kings secured a spot in the NBA playoffs for the first time in 16 years, the New York Jets now own the longest playoff drought in North American professional sports. New York’s last playoff appearance occurred in 2010. The 12-year drought is just a year longer than the Buffalo Sabres’ 11-year run of futility in the NHL. 

For the Jets, their 12-year drought has been full of incredible failures. Just once in their current drought have they finished over .500, and haven’t won more than eight games since the 2015 season. A carousel of quarterbacks and coaches from Rex Ryan to Todd Bowles has left the Jets begging for answers. 

It appears though that their recent playoff inadequacies might be ending shortly though. 

With Aaron Rodgers intending on playing for the Jets in 2023 and with a roster full of excellent young talent, the time may be now for New York to end its decade-long curse. The additions of reigning Offensive and Defensive rookie of the year winners also potentially show a light at the end of the tunnel for Gang Green’s tortured fan base. 

But the NFL season doesn’t start for another few months. While the draft is an excellent time to get excited about the future, the Jets and their fans will have to live with the fact the dubious playoff drought is now the longest among any franchise in sports. 

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