Vegas sportsbook sets Yankees over/under at 37 wins, Mets at 31.5

MLB: New York Yankees at New York Mets
New York’s star sluggers — the Yankees’ Aaron Judge and the Mets’ Pete Alonso. (Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

The abbreviated 60-game schedule that will be Major League Baseball’s 2020 regular season will be nothing short of unpredictable.

Every game is a must-win for contending teams as such a sprint will allow this to be anybody’s year to make a run toward the World Series. 

Regardless, Covers Sportsbook in Vegas has administered the over/under wins numbers for each team around the league; though their guesses are just as good as ours at this point. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers are projected to have the most wins in the majors this season as their over/under was set at 38.5 games. The perennial National League powerhouses have one of the strongest teams in baseball on paper, adding Mookie Betts to a loaded talent pool that already features the likes of Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw. 

Behind the Dodgers are the Yankees, whose over/under is at 37 wins in the 60-game season. The Bronx Bombers’ offense hasn’t been an issue as of late despite an onslaught of injuries, but the acquisition of ace pitcher Gerrit Cole will take that much more pressure off Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gleyber Torres. 

The defending-champion Washington Nationals have the ninth-best over/under in the majors at 32.5 after losing Anthony Rendon this offseason. It’s still just second-best in a loaded NL East that sees the Atlanta Braves favored at 33.5.

Not too far behind them though are the New York Mets at 31.5 and the Philadelphia Phillies at 30.5. 

Here are the complete over/under win totals for each team by division:


  1. Atlanta Braves- 33.5
  2. Washington Nationals- 32.5
  3. New York Mets- 31.5
  4. Philadelphia Phillies- 30.5
  5. Miami Marlins- 24.5


  1. Chicago Cubs- 32
  2. Cincinnati Reds- 32
  3. St. Louis Cardinals- 31.5
  4. Milwaukee Brewers- 29.5
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates- 24.5


  1. Los Angeles Dodgers- 38.5
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks- 31.5
  3. San Diego Padres- 30.5
  4. Colorado Rockies- 27.5
  5. San Francisco Giants- 24


  1. New York Yankees- 37
  2. Tampa Bay Rays- 34
  3. Boston Red Sox- 30
  4. Toronto Blue Jays- 28
  5. Baltimore Orioles- 21


  1. Minnesota Twins- 34.5
  2. Cleveland Indians- 32.5
  3. Chicago White Sox- 31.5
  4. Kansas City Royals- 24.5
  5. Detroit Tigers- 21.5


  1. Houston Astros- 35
  2. Oakland Athletics- 33.5
  3. Los Angeles Angels- 31.5
  4. Texas Rangers- 28.5
  5. Seattle Mariners- 24