‘We don’t turn away good players’: Chiefs on Le’Veon Bell signing after Jets release says it all

NFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens
Le’Veon Bell went from the worst team in the NFL to one of the best. (Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are 5-1 after a 26-17 Monday-night victory over the up-and-coming Buffalo Bills — who look to be the new team to beat on the block of the AFC East.

While they’re set to take full advantage of the New England Patriots’ apparent demise, the Bills’ other divisional foe, the New York Jets, are in the basement of not just the division, but the NFL and the court of public opinion.

To put it lightly, they stink. And they recently got rid of one of their best players in running back Le’Veon Bell, releasing him last week. The 28-year-old former All-Pro, who was languishing under the fraudulent “brilliant offensive mind” of head coach Adam Gase, signed with the very same Chiefs that took down the Bills on Monday night.

Bell didn’t get the green light to suit up as he adjusts to life with his new team.

“He’s got to get in and get in the playbook and learn everything,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said. “But he’s a pretty smart kid and been doing it a long time. So, I don’t think he’ll have a problem with that.”

Then came the not-so-subtle dig — intentional or not — at the Jets.

“Listen, we don’t turn away good players, and he’s a good one,” Reid said. “It’s exciting to have him around.”

If only the Jets had some good football players.

Bell never got off the ground with Gang Green — a victim of Gase’s abhorrence of the big contract awarded to the running back before the 2019 season and an inability to properly institute him in an offense that has a horrid offensive line and zero playmakers to take the attention off him.

He’ll have no problem settling into the loaded Chiefs offense, which can win a football game in any way imaginable behind the talismanic Patrick Mahomes under center.

“I can’t wait,” Bell tweeted on Monday night, chomping at the bit to get in the red and gold of Kansas City.

You can’t blame him, either. He just went from one of the worst teams we’ve seen in recent memory to a team looking to defend their Super Bowl title.

If he’s good enough for them, he’s too good for the Jets, anyway.