Who’s the cutest Yankee in the post-Derek Jeter era?

Heading into the first season in 20 years without Derek Jeter (the year 1 A.D., as one clever opening day sign called it), the Yankees are fighting to fill a void, whether they admit it or not.

The team undoubtedly will miss Jeter’s dependable glove, clutch bat and guiding presence on the field and in the dugout as the season goes on . . . but fans already are missing having a resident heartthrob.

So, who will step up to the plate? Can Didi Gregorius take the pressure of wooing screaming girls while trying to live up to Jeter’s standards at short? Can Jacoby Ellsbury win hearts with flexed muscles and cooking skills in spite of his Red Sox past? Or will Alex Rodriguez bounce back from a year in the dog house and reclaim his playboy title?

Vote for the cutest Yankee in the post-DJ era.