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Williamsburg's Glass Hour, pay-per-minute cafe, offers unlimited coffee and more

New York and coffee shops go hand in hand: Nearly every local is looking for the perfect spot to grab a cup of joe and get to work. Whether you’re planning on writing the next American novel or just need to get out of your tiny apartment, cafes are the answer.

But with famous coffee shop favorites come unbearable crowds, big lines and -- worst of all -- no seats. That’s where cozy Brooklyn spot Glass Hour (63 Skillman Ave.) comes in.

Located on a quiet street in Williamsburg, just
Photo Credit: Dana Reszutek

Located on a quiet street in Williamsburg, just a few blocks from the Lorimer L train, this cafe strives to be the opposite of the typical coffee shop -- a point made clear by the words "anti-cafe" prominently displayed on its doors.

"When you go to a normal coffee shop, you kind of feel like you have to have one drink, and then it's best to leave," said Zlata Koshlina, one of the founders of Glass Hour.

But at Glass Hour, patrons can stay as long as they'd like -- for a price. Patrons pay for time -- $6 for the first hour and 10 cents per minute after that. The real bargain is to stay all day because time is free after you hit the four-hour mark ($24).

And, there's no such thing as only one
Photo Credit: Dana Reszutek

And, there's no such thing as only one cup of coffee or tea: Your payment includes as much complimentary caffeine as you'd like, as well as a microwave so that you can bring and heat up your own food or drink of choice. Glass Hour also offers a variety of board games, books and magazines to borrow and enjoy during your stay.

The pay-per-minute business model, inspired by the founders' favorite spots in Europe, doesn't just come with a table and chair to work. The two-floor space -- with a loft-like feel -- consists of a work area with a communal table and couches, and a downstairs game room with a foosball table and a PlayStation4.

Glass Hour also operates as a rentable event
Photo Credit: Dana Reszutek

Glass Hour also operates as a rentable event space. For $60, you can host a birthday party, baby shower or book club gathering on both floors.

Instead of cramping yourself in a coffee shop or staying at home, try the European way for a unique study and game space; it may end up feeling like a living room away from home.


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