Subway service continues to struggle, and the signs are everywhere — literally.

As straphangers traversed the entryway stairs at the Bleecker Street station Thursday, a poster seemed to catch their attention. The seemingly official signage read “Your train is delayed, January 1 — December 31, Days, Nights, Weekend,” with every MTA subway line listed at the top.

“I’m just kind of confused, I’m not sure what the [expletive] I’m supposed to do,” said one rider who asked to not be named. “I’m considering moving here from Phoenix and I’ve heard [train delays] are pretty bad.”

Guerrilla protesters designed the sign, featuring a hitchhiking construction worker, to look almost identical to MTA-branded literature — complete with the official logo.

Recent reports revealed that the beleaguered mass transit system has even negatively affected response times for health care workers.

Delays at Bleecker Street have been consistent enough that many riders were able to appreciate the humor in the sarcastic sign.

John Faubeot, 47, of lower Manhattan, has lived in the neighborhood for two years and said there’s no doubt about it — service has gotten slower.

“Delays have definitely gotten worse,” Faubeot said. “It’s usually off-and-on, but I’ve waited almost an hour before.”

Keyla Batiz, 26, of the Bronx, moved to New York City from Houston three years ago and said her regular route has steadily declined in reliability.

“I get here from 161st, it’s been this way forever. It’s horrible,” Batiz said. “There’s always a sick passenger or train traffic. It’s just getting worse.”

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for posting the bogus sign.