PETA has honored the MTA for the agency’s recent hairball heroics.

The animal rights group said it has sent the transit authority a Compassionate Business Award certificate and a batch of vegan cookies to thank the MTA for halting two 7 trains on separate occasions this month in order to rescue two cats on the tracks.

“PETA is recognizing the MTA for being on the right track when it comes to helping animals in need,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien in statement. “Everyone can be a hero for animals by adopting from a local shelter and always spaying and neutering.”

One feline was plucked from peril at the line’s Times Square station on Oct. 2. A second kitten was rescued at the Fifth Avenue station a few days later, on Oct. 9.

“Whenever possible and safe, we do all we can to help rescue animals on the tracks,” said Beth DeFalco, an MTA spokeswoman, in an email. “No cookies have arrived yet.”