Remembering the lives of MTA workers lost to COVID-19

Interim NYC transit President Sarah Feinberg. (Photo by Mark Hallum)


As every New Yorker knows, the men and women of New York City Transit continue to perform heroic work during this time of crisis, fear, illness, and loss. 

Transit workers are the heroes moving the heroes of this crisis: they are the workers helping to move the health care professionals, the childcare, grocery store and utility workers, the police officers and other first responders. 

As of this writing, 50 of our heroic colleagues have passed away due to COVID-19. This is not just a heartbreaking tragedy for the families and loved ones of each of these men and women – it is an immeasurable loss for New York City Transit, and for this entire city.  

These men and women were symbolic of what defines “essential worker” in New York City now – selfless, dedicated workers who showed up every day to do their part to help this city get to the other side of this crisis, even when it meant putting themselves in harm’s way. There is no greater honor than working with them, and there is not a group of public servants more deserving of your respect. 

I want to use the rest of this column to recognize and pay tribute to those we have lost. May they rest in peace, and never be forgotten. 

Scott, Combined Action/Emergency Response Unit

Caridad, Station Cleaning

Ernesto, Buses

Victor, Stations Supervisor

Warren, Buses

Oliver, Buses

Peter, Conductor 

Patrick, Buses

Cuong, Buses

Yvette, Operations Planning

Jacob, Conductor

Thomas, Stations Supervisor

Hugo, Buses

Ramnarine, Subways

Salvatore, Management Analyst

Robert, Elevator and Escalator Maintenance

Phyllis, Conductor

David, General Superintendent

Alex, Buses

Cesar, Buses

Lev, Road Car Inspector

Laricter, Train Dispatcher

Darryl, Collecting Agent

Lionel, Buses

Thankachan, Cleaner

Clarence, General Superintendent

William, Buses

Lateya, Administrative Assistant

Palwinder, Maintenance Supervisor 

Stuart, Buses

Darlisa, Subways

Hansaraj, Buses

Gregory, Buses

Juan, Subways

Foster, Subways

Avron, Subways

Sung, Buses 

Steve, Subways

Edward, Transit Property Protection Supervisor

Shelley, Property Protection Agent

Robert, Claim Specialist

Henry, Buses

Erlin, Buses

Aristides, Subways 

Lalu, Subways

Emmanuel, Buses

Leon, Buses

Nathaniel, Subways

Winston, Subways

Kenneth, Subways