Best fries NYC: All the fries you have to try

While all fries are good, New York City has its fair share of what we'll call ... the best fries around.

Here are the crispiest, curliest, greasiest and sweetest (yep!) french fries in the city.

The sauciest: Pommes Frites

After rebuilding itself in the West Village when the East Village explosion of 2015 destroyed the original location, Pommes Frites is back and making crispy Belgian fries that are as good as ever. But what we love most are all the dipping sauces! Mmmm, rosemary garlic mayo...

128 MacDougal St.,

The crinkliest: Shake Shack

In early 2014, Shack Shack tried to replace its signature crinkle fries with healthier (seeming) hand-cut, straight fries. New Yorkers were not happy. In November 2014, crinkle fries returned for good.

Multiple locations,

The meatiest: Mile End's Smoked Meat Poutine

If this is a meat dish or a fries dish, we're not too sure, but it's not necessary to even determine what you're really eating when it tastes this good. Crisp fries are covered in homemade gravy, smoked brisket and cheese curds -- an unkosher Jewish take on the typical Canadian poutine dish. Eat with your fingers, use a fork, but we're sure you'll want to eat it all up.

53 Bond St., 212-529-2990,


The healthiest (seeming): Bareburger

As far as fast food goes, Bareburger's organic and all-natural fare is one of the city's healthier-ish options. Lightly fried and coated in a dusting of salt and pepper, these fries are best dipped in the restaurant's curry ketchup and habanero chipotle mayo.

Multiple locations,

The most mashed-up: Mokbar's Kimchi Disco Fries

Served in a skillet, these French fried potatoes are topped with umami-packed ramen gravy, cheese curd, kimchee and nori -- each bite offers a combination of different cuisines, uniting tart pickled kimchee with a starchy fry. Who knew seaweed and cheese could pair so well? You're going to want to break out the chopsticks for these fries.

75 Ninth Ave., 646-964-5963,

The cheesiest: Nathan's Famous

The gooey, melty, what-you-think-cheese-tastes-like flavored sauce on these crisp fries is pretty much everything you could hope for in a dairy-soaked fried potato. Think of your order as fries in cheese soup and you'll be spooning up all the cheesy goodness faster than you can ride Coney Island's Cyclone.

Multiple locations,

The crispiest: Thrice Cooked Chips at The Breslin

The secret to obtaining the ultimate crispness on NYC fries? Frying them twice! After boiling potatoes to optimum softness, The Breslin gives their fries two rounds in the deep fryer before serving them with cumin and mayonnaise.

16 W. 29th St.,

The shoestringiest: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

These fries are dangerously small -- so threatening that you can grab a fistful and load them into your mouth while simultaneously grabbing your next mouthful. Eat them with fried chicken, dipping sauces or give them a nice swipe through your milkshake -- these shoestring-style fries are crisp, salty and everything fast food chain fries are not.

28 E, 1st St, 212-228-0404,

The most vegetarian: Dirt Candy's Curried Fries

Inspired by cuisine from India, Canada and the good old U.S. of A, veggie-centric restaurant Dirt Candy's poutine-style fries are thin and crunchy, topped with a generous portion of curry gravy and crumbly bits of paneer. The dish is, of course, garnished with greens, so you can pretend to be as healthy as you want.

86 Allen St.,

The sweetest: S'mores fries at Sticky's Finger Joint

What's better: French fries or graham crackers? The answer speaks for itself, and that's why hot, greasy fries make a better base for s'mores. Fries are served smothered in chocolate sauce, melty marshmallows and topped with crumbly cookie bits.

484 3rd Ave. and 31 W. 8th St.,