Lovepop opens store in iconic Grand Central Terminal

Photo courtesy of Lovepop

Lovepop, a pop-up card designer, is celebrating the grand opening of their store in Grand Central Terminal. 

The Lovepop Shop will offer an assortment of products on an iconic tiered display. The store will also feature handcrafted flower products.

“Our new Grand Central Terminal store is a special destination that will feature our colorful product display design and an eye-catching experience with our new Lovepop Flower Shop,” Colin Spillane, Head of Retail at Lovepop, said. “We’re excited to bring our incredible selection and a meaningful and fun shopping experience to customers at Lovepop’s new, iconic location in the heart of Manhattan.” 

The company will continue to invest and expand, emphasizing connections to the New York community; in hopes of opening additional stores this year in Times Square. 

“The past two years have shown us all how important it is to connect with loved ones, particularly those we are not able to see as easily as we once could,” Wombi Rose, Co-Founder and CEO of Lovepop, said. “At Lovepop, we thrive on creating memorable experiences and magical moments. Our physical locations offer an opportunity for customers to surprise and delight someone with a unique paper art, while also experiencing the ‘wow’ moment of a Lovepop gift themselves.”

The new store is located at 89 East 42nd Street. For more information, visit www.lovepop.com.