Win FREE Chipotle for a year by using the Internet

Oh, guac is extra? How about free!

Chipotle really wants you to know what’s in your food.

From now until August 31, if you can guess the ingredients in any specific Chipotle dish compared to another fast food item you can win free Chipotle!

Unlike MSG, however, free is taken liberally in this offer: winners of the Friend or Faux game online will be rewarded with a Buy One, Get One Free coupon valued at up to $10.

That’s a lot of guac.

Those who win the game by (or tweet @ChipotleTweets with #friendorfaux) will be entered in a sweepstakes to win even more free burrito bowls.

50 grand prize sweepstakes winners will be gifted free Chipotle dinners for a year! In the form of fifty-two “Dinner for Two” giftcards, each card is good for two free entrees, one order of chips and guacamole and two fountain drinks.

In other words: a year of free guac.

100 other winners will enjoy a catered Chipotle party for 20 Chipotle fans, except for lucky New York City residents who can win a Burritos by the Box party.

Friends or fauxs, imagine how popular you’ll be with this much guac.

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