Crocodile Lounge reopens after health code violations

Free pizza returns!

UPDATE: Crocodile Lounge reopened with a relaunch party on March 10.

All that free pizza at Crocodile Lounge could cost you something after all– your health.

The popular basement watering hole at 325 E. 14th St. closed down on Wednesday night due to a “major pipe burst,” according to their Facebook page, and planned to reopen the following day. But the Department of Health had other plans.

Sanitary violations against the spot include, but are not limited to, evidence of rats and mice present, “conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist,” food not protected from potential source of contamination, and failing to post a “Wash hands” sign in the bathroom for employees.

The bar is expected to reopen once the issues are fixed. See the full list of offenses at restaurauntinspection.nyc.gov.



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