Park Slope getting Nutella-themed shop, sans Nutella

Nutella enthusiasts are opening Nutelleria without the actual chocolate hazlenut spread on board.

Panic rose recently as a hazlenut shortage endangered the future of Nutella, the European chocolate hazlenut spread to which many New Yorkers have become proudly addicted.

Luckily, the Nutella supply is holding strong, evidenced by the “Nutella enthusiasts” who are starting their own shrine to the sweet condiment at Park Slope’s Nutelleria.

The catch: Nutella isn’t actually involved.

Park Slope Stoop shared a preliminary Nutelleria menu promising crepes; a breakfast pizza with cream cheese, fruit and Nutella; a Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwich and more, though the actual trademarked brand does not seem to have any role in the eatery. Nutelleria’s online menu is blank, except for an image of the official Nutella nutritional facts

Eataly’s Nutella Bar, modeled after the branch in Chicago, is closely tied with the brand, so we’re wondering what this Brooklyn spin-off will look like without the official Nutella seal of approval. 

We’ve reached out to Nutella and Nutelleria for comment. 

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