Bleecker Street sweet shop offers 400+ ice cream toppings!

You already know the best part of a frozen dessert is its toppings.

Go to any ice cream or fro-yo shop on the isle of Manhattan and we assure you’ll find a similar spread of sweet toppings: rainbow sprinkles, coconut flakes, multicolored gummy bears and maybe some granola.

While we’re not saying no to gummy bears, a little variety is always nice.

Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe, one of dozens of dessert spots on Bleecker Street, recently started scooping Brooklyn’s organic Blue Marble ice cream. And to go on top, the whole store!

Any of Stieber’s 400+ candies, from life-size gummy frogs to jawbreakers to chocolate covered Swedish fish or homemade fudge can be served a top of a nice, cold scoop of ice cream

Talk about summer decadence.

Pig out — literally, there are adorable gummy pigs — on your extravagantly topped ice cream. Just know you’ll be paying by the pound…

Here are some of the most exciting toppings!

Melissa Kravitz