Panda Express opens in Manhattan and the Bronx

Hop on your nearest express train — an orange chicken shaped hole in your heart is about to be filled!

Panda Express opens in New York City Saturday, Nov. 21 after a 14-year hiatus in the five boroughs.

A family-owned business since its California founding in 1983, the Manhattan location of restaurant feels more like a neighborhood spot than yet another outpost of a massive chain. Photographs featuring scenes from Shanghai and Chinese proverbs line the slate grey walls and pseudo-rustic wooden tabletops and stools line the small dining room.

Likening the resurgence of the chain in NYC to Chick-fil-A’s recent midtown opening — which is franchised, not family-owned — a spokesperson for Panda Express hopes the new locations give transplants a memorable taste of the fast food they grew up with.

Take a look around the new Manhattan restaurant!

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