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Quesarito by Taco Bell: a secret menu item no more

Taco Bell first started testing the Quesarito in

Taco Bell first started testing the Quesarito in Oklahoma City. It was, unsurprisingly, a hit. Photo Credit: Taco Bell

You've heard of the Quesarito before, right? The secret menu item at Chipotle? Well, there's news in Quesarito world, but Chipotle's not involved.

Taco Bell also makes a secret-menu Quesarito, and has been testing it in Oklahoma City. Now, having received the most positive response since the Doritos Tacos Locos for it, the fast-food chain is introducing the menu item to Taco Bell's across the country.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Quesarito is a beef burrito with rice, chipotle sauce and reduced-fat sour cream inside a grilled quesadilla. It's also available with shredded chicken or steak. The suggested retail price for the Quesarito is $1.99 for seasoned beef (650 calories; 34 grams total fat), $2.79 for shredded chicken (620 calories; 30g total fat) and $2.99 for steak (640 calories; 31g total fat), according to The Times.

Will Chipotle follow suit and go official with the Quesarito? It's a more powerful gut-buster, with beans, guacamole and other Chipotle fixings, and is rumored to be about 1,500-calories.


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